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  1. Why videos go viral

    Here's an entertaining and informative video from Kevin Allocca, YouTube's trends manager, about how and why videos go viral. In a nutshell it comes down to three things:
    (1) Tastemakers
    (2) Communities of participation
    (3) Unexpectedness

    I'll let Kevin explain....

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  2. The Future of Flash Video

    Whenever I get the chance (like now) I like to boast about how I predicted the success of Flash video back when it was widely considered a non-starter. As soon as it was possible to construct a viable Flash player I did so. My first attempt was in Flash 5 and it eventually became the MC Media Player. Unfortunately I wasn't aggressive enough with my development or marketing (and my mediocre coding skills probably didn't help), so I watched as others took the idea much further and did much better ...
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    Video , Web Development
  3. Google Employees Convicted in Italy

    Italian Judge Oscar Magi has convicted three Google employees for privacy violation after an offensive video was posted to Google Video back in 2006. The employees did get away with six-month suspended sentences but the wider implications of the conviction are bound to create a tidal wave of consternation.

    The convicted employees had absolutely nothing to do with the video. It was posted by a user who has since been convicted for the offence - thanks to assistance from Google. The ...
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  4. Youtube Goes Widescreen

    At last! I logged in today to see the long-awaited change. 16x9 videos can now be seen as they were meant to. Older videos appear to either keep the 4x3 player or get pillared inside a 16x9 player. All good.

    BTW, if you want to link directly to the high-quality version of a Youtube clip, add &fmt=18 to the end of the URL. For uber-quality add &fmt=22.
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  5. Adobe CS4 Reviews

    Adobe CS4 is out! It caught me on the hop a bit, I wasn't expecting it until November. Anyway, I managed to download the Master Collection, play with it for a day and then scribble down my initial thoughts in this review. I've also done a slightly more in-depth review of Premiere Pro CS4. Hopefully I'll be able to expand and add more reviews over the next month or so.
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