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  1. Yay, Paid YouTube Channels! Oh wait...

    Google has officially announced the first lineup of paid subscription channels. As you'd expect, this move has attracted mixed responses. The world seems full of people who decline to understand the cost of producing decent quality content (the "I need everything for free, immediately" crowd). These people have the knives out for those who are trying to find some way to make quality content generation viable.

    I understand that some content can be made very cheaply and there are producers ...
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  2. Comparing 48 fps to 24 fps

    Now that I've seen The Hobbit in both 24 fps and 48 fps it's finally time to announce the verdict. Was I right in predicting that it would be an overall improvement? Watch the video to see if you agree with me...


    Links from the video:
    What's So Great About 24P? (from 2010)
    Frames per second: 24 vs 48 (From 2012)
    Stu Maschwitz argues in favor of 24 fps
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  3. Adobe Creative Cloud Review

    I've been using Adobe Creative Cloud for a few months now, so I thought it was about time to do a bit of a video review. Creative Cloud is the online subscription service where you can download any of the Creative Suite applications whenever you like. It's an alternative to buying the disks and Adobe clearly would like customers to be moving in this direction.

    I talk about the service itself rather than the individual applications. Here's the executive summary:

    Does ...
  4. Free Legal Documents for Freelancers

    If you have no idea what it's like to be burned by a client who decides not to pay up, count yourself lucky and watch the video below to see what's it's like for everyone else. If you'd like to avoid this situation, or if you need any sort of legal documents for your creative business, head on over to This is a free source of documents and resources for all types of business and there's something for almost every type of business, especially freelancers.

  5. Subliminal Advertising

    Here's a video from back in 2006 that looks at the power of subliminal priming to steer the mind to a particular way of thinking. Marketing experts are the target of this mock marketing campaign - feel their pain as the tables are turned and they realize they are just as susceptible as the rest of us.

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