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Working with sound.

  1. Audio Frequency Trainer

    I'd like to show you a new feature I've just finished working on. It's a simple online game that helps you learn to recognize different audio frequencies. This is an important skill for anyone dealing with audio.

    The game uses test tones which is possibly the easiest way to differentiate between frequencies. In the future I hope to do more advanced versions that use "real" audio clips such as speech and music. But for now I think this is a good way to get started. In any case, test ...
  2. Free Music Files

    New to our download section is a small selection of free music downloads. We've only got a couple of tracks so far (with several versions each), but if there's enough interest we'll look at commissioning more soon.

    We're paying a local muso to compose and record these files, so:
    (1) Feel free to make a donation.
    (2) If you think you can do better and you'd like to contribute, please contact us.
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  3. Adobe CS4 Reviews

    Adobe CS4 is out! It caught me on the hop a bit, I wasn't expecting it until November. Anyway, I managed to download the Master Collection, play with it for a day and then scribble down my initial thoughts in this review. I've also done a slightly more in-depth review of Premiere Pro CS4. Hopefully I'll be able to expand and add more reviews over the next month or so.
  4. Live Events via Hologram

    As reported at this morning, "a walking, talking image of Australian chat show host Rove McManus was beamed across the Tasman yesterday to appear live on stage at Auckland's Vector Arena." Telecommunications company TelstraClear is promoting the technology for both business and home use, although the latter is still several years way.

    Is this also the future of larger-scale "live" appearances? With increasing concerns about the environmental impact of touring acts, might ...
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  5. How to work with a click-track

    Here's one for the musos out there. It's a subject that I recall well from my own days in the music industry - how to work with a metronome or "click track" when recording your material. It's not an easy thing to get used to but it's quite an important skill if you want a professional production (unless you're sure that your music doesn't need a consistent tempo).

    Read the complete article here.
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