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    Do you think we need 4k?? 3d tv didn't take off like expected, My kids all watch TV on demand on their laptops, they no longer even watch my 42" tv. Is sitting in front of a big screen dead??
    Neil Mackenzie Photographer
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    Hi Dave..Thank you for your awesome tips. Now Audio of my mpg files is well importing to premiere..Thanks man !
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    Thanks Ricky! And good idea, I'll put it on the to-do list.
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    Impressive little tool you came up with! It's very convenient because not every place has an audio generator to begin with.

    I hope there will be others who would find it useful - how about adding color bars as a link and looping the 1k?

    Great job!
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    loving the look of this man......
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    amazing! what a great technology! i can imagine the technology in the future..

    Remjo Gonzales
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    I work in video production, and hadn't seen that ad before. Very clever, and very well made. Sometimes, I wish more stateside car firms would let their teams have as much creativity as that. But, as the ad points out, we generally get exactly what it's mocking.

    - Andy
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    Extremely helpful video.
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    Here is a small blog post about the Rexton shoot:
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    For Linux OpenShot is now at version 1.4.2 and has come a long way
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    Piracy is been a big problem in the Philippines. The government had to put up a department to deal with this alone. The Optical Media Board is what it came about and fortunately they have been doing good. Less pirated movies and records can be seen on the street. Lately they focused on illegal use of software and found out that even some companies practices such. An instance which happened last week where a call center company Garrett & Talon which has an in house account - JUSTFLOWERS was raided by the authority because of illegal use of operating system (windows). When OMB raided the company they found out that only 1 OS was legally bought and was used to run 100 or more PC's. The case is now on going. Kudos to OMB!
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    I agree, it's like the old days when big zoom lenses came into vogue, the only shots were zoomed to the Max, don't worry about telling the story, just push the New Toys until people start tuning out, which I found myself doing on the Olympics. I ended up only watching the events where the Kiwis had a Medal chance.

    On the other Hand, the Opening Ceremony is still on My Sky, that was very well done.
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    Stefan, thanks for the link. I have no problem with lower frames rates as an artistic choice. I do have a problem with lower frame rates as a physical limit that encumbers all movies.
    DVP, I can't give a good comparison between those rates as I've never had the chance to directly compare good footage shot natively at both rates side by side. What I can say is that Peter Jackson did exactly that and he concluded there isn't too much difference. 60fps will of course be a bit more expensive than 48 so that's one reason to go with 48 but there's probably more to it than that. I suspect that a filmmaker may be more inclined to go with 48 being an exact double of 24, whereas a video producer used to working in 30fps (approximately) might prefer 60 fps. Personally I'll always go with the higher rate up to about 100 fps. I guess I'm happy to settle for 48 but there's a big part of me that's wanting to settle the frame rate thing once and for all, and have something like 100fps that we'll never need to change again except for specialist situations. I worry that 48 fps will be yet another interim standard.
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    So what would you say is the difference between 48p and 60p?
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    I have no idea what they get paid but yeah, I assume it's a nice wage! I'm imagining the conversation these guys have with the insurance company when they explain what they do for a living
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    I've heard these guys are in big demand but are they well paid? I'm just sitting in my chair and I'm scared!! They would have to be well paid, like hazard pay. Their insurance premiums must be through the roof...
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    Which file formats are you having trouble with?
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    There is more to frame rate than life resemblance.
    Many people are enchanted by this juddering and blurred look. It reminds us that cinema is a fantasy. But 48 fps should work well for 3d though, what with all the strain for the eyes.
    But there is more to the topic: an interesting article I've stumbled upon discusses the use of specific frame rates for artistic purposes
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    -This relaease is so great as you said but until now i have CS5 AND CS6 installed but the problem is CS6 can't import the same file that CS5 can.any idea?
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    Thanks a lot man..U r a life saver
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