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  1. ExitReality Review

    ExitReality is a new browsing and social networking system that allows you to navigate any existing website in 3 dimensions. I watched the video and was impressed enough to download the required plugin (Windows-only, 3.5MB).

    Getting started couldn't be easier. As soon as I'd found a suitably bald avatar I was wandering around my own websites in 3-D.

    The possibilities looked amazing - for example, I could make a custom 3-D version of with big screen ...
    Web Development
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  2. Live Events via Hologram

    As reported at this morning, "a walking, talking image of Australian chat show host Rove McManus was beamed across the Tasman yesterday to appear live on stage at Auckland's Vector Arena." Telecommunications company TelstraClear is promoting the technology for both business and home use, although the latter is still several years way.

    Is this also the future of larger-scale "live" appearances? With increasing concerns about the environmental impact of touring acts, might ...
    General , Video , Audio
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  3. How to work with a click-track

    Here's one for the musos out there. It's a subject that I recall well from my own days in the music industry - how to work with a metronome or "click track" when recording your material. It's not an easy thing to get used to but it's quite an important skill if you want a professional production (unless you're sure that your music doesn't need a consistent tempo).

    Read the complete article here.
  4. I want my own holodeck

    It's not quite Star Trek standard but this one might do for now... The Immersive Cocoon is an enclosed virtual-reality pod being developed by international design collective NAU.

    Have a look at the Flash demo and tell me you're not drooling for one as well.
  5. Adobe CS4 Coming Soon

    Adobe is set to announce the latest version of their productivity suite, CS4, on 23rd September 2008. You can be among the first in the world to see the new features during a web broadcast the same day. Sign up here:
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