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  1. Video Contests

    This week we've launched a new forum for listing video contests. We've had visitors ask us in the past if they could promote their competitions at our site and I think this is a good way of doing it. There's not much in the new forum yet but hopefully we'll see a few more in the coming months.

    If you're new to competing in this arena, I've also published a quick introduction to video contests with a few tips to get you started.

    Also, keep an eye on this blog for some ...
  2. Google Chrome Browser

    If you're at all interested in browser wars and/or better web browsing, make sure you check out Google Chrome. It's their new open-source browser. Unfortunately it's not actually available for download yet but it's coming and you can see a unique preview here. It's presented as a comic book - an approach that works remarkably well.

    I honestly wasn't sure how Google was going to offer anything better than Firefox but if first impressions are anything to go by, I think Google really ...
    Web Development
  3. Want your own video-sharing website?

    I have several upcoming projects that will require a video-sharing solution, i.e. making a website that functions like YouTube. Video sharing is becoming big business in the online publishing world so there must be lots of options, right?

    Well, not so much as I'd hoped. After about a week's worth of preliminary investigation I've identified the four best ways to make your own video sharing website. I've also noted some of the ones you should stay well clear of. I'll be updating my ...
    Video , Web Development
  4. Image Metrics Animation

    A company called Image Metrics has released some demo videos showcasing a new animation technology. The idea is nothing new - video of a real actor is replaced by a computer-generated character (e.g. Gollum in Lord of the Rings). What's different is that this technology requires no markers on the actor - it can be applied to standard video clips.

    One of the demos at YouTube is causing the type of confusion we're likely to see a lot more of - what exactly is real?
  5. New research: Using photos to enhance videos

    I came across an interesting research project this morning from the University of Washington. It's a system for using one or more photographs to enhance video of the same scene.

    According to the site, "Enhancements include the transfer of photographic qualities such as high resolution, high dynamic range, and better exposure from photographs to video. The video can also be edited in a variety of ways (e.g. object touchup, object removal) by simply editing a few photographs or video ...
    Video , Photography
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