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  1. Yay, Paid YouTube Channels! Oh wait...

    Google has officially announced the first lineup of paid subscription channels. As you'd expect, this move has attracted mixed responses. The world seems full of people who decline to understand the cost of producing decent quality content (the "I need everything for free, immediately" crowd). These people have the knives out for those who are trying to find some way to make quality content generation viable.

    I understand that some content can be made very cheaply and there are producers ...
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  2. OpenShot video editor to become multi-platform

    Three years ago I posted a short blog entry about a new video editing application for Linux called OpenShot. I asked if anyone thought that it would be a viable free editing option for the masses.

    The post got exactly one response and that took two years. This highlights a real problem with Linux-only editing solutions: Very few people actually edit video on Linux (ignoring specialist high-end ...
  3. The Making of a Camera Lens

    Here's a lovely and fascinating video showing Nikon's lens-making process. Nice to see how much of it is done with real human hands.
  4. Should you be interested in 4K?

    4K resolution is the current popular topic in videophile circles. What exactly is it and do you need to worry about it? Here are a few thoughts on the latest high-resolution video format...

    On YouTube:
  5. Comparing 48 fps to 24 fps

    Now that I've seen The Hobbit in both 24 fps and 48 fps it's finally time to announce the verdict. Was I right in predicting that it would be an overall improvement? Watch the video to see if you agree with me...


    Links from the video:
    What's So Great About 24P? (from 2010)
    Frames per second: 24 vs 48 (From 2012)
    Stu Maschwitz argues in favor of 24 fps
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