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  1. ExitReality Review

    ExitReality is a new browsing and social networking system that allows you to navigate any existing website in 3 dimensions. I watched the video and was impressed enough to download the required plugin (Windows-only, 3.5MB).

    Getting started couldn't be easier. As soon as I'd found a suitably bald avatar I was wandering around my own websites in 3-D.

    The possibilities looked amazing - for example, I could make a custom 3-D version of with big screen ...
    Web Development
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  2. Adobe CS4 Coming Soon

    Adobe is set to announce the latest version of their productivity suite, CS4, on 23rd September 2008. You can be among the first in the world to see the new features during a web broadcast the same day. Sign up here:
  3. Google Chrome Browser

    If you're at all interested in browser wars and/or better web browsing, make sure you check out Google Chrome. It's their new open-source browser. Unfortunately it's not actually available for download yet but it's coming and you can see a unique preview here. It's presented as a comic book - an approach that works remarkably well.

    I honestly wasn't sure how Google was going to offer anything better than Firefox but if first impressions are anything to go by, I think Google really ...
    Web Development
  4. Want your own video-sharing website?

    I have several upcoming projects that will require a video-sharing solution, i.e. making a website that functions like YouTube. Video sharing is becoming big business in the online publishing world so there must be lots of options, right?

    Well, not so much as I'd hoped. After about a week's worth of preliminary investigation I've identified the four best ways to make your own video sharing website. I've also noted some of the ones you should stay well clear of. I'll be updating my ...
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  5. Cuil not so hot

    A new search engine by the name of cuil (pronounced "cool") has been developed and launched by a couple of ex-Google engineers with the explicit goal of challenging Google's dominance. Have a look and see what you think.

    At first glance the results page is refreshingly different, being presented in a magazine style rather than list. Unfortunately what really matters are the results, and they aren't so flash. For example, a search for my name shows me at number 3 but a photo of me ...
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