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    Update: It's been almost two years now and the keys are still doing fine, in fact they're in practically the same state as when I put them on. To be fair I don't use this particular keyboard heavily (maybe an hour per day) but I still think it's impressive that they've gone this long without any real degradation at all.
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    I stumbled on this site looking for 'a clue' as to video marketing and I noticed a comment about an American baritone voice if you had the money.
    I think we should talk for we can offer mutual help. I need someone with 'video know-how' and I got 'money know-how'

    As a side note, if anyone is interested in the capability of handing out unlimited number of video email accounts (not video that is attached but IS the email) then contact me. This, I HOPE!, is the coming trend and would certainly help your industry also.

    I don't know what I can and can't put down here but we do have an affiliate program if anyone is looking to make extra cash.

    I hope I can help this site out. It's a great resource site. Just don't know how to contact the owners.
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    Thanks SO much for adding your sounds to the Web for free, I use them in Second Life. Best wishes, Maxx
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    I have been trying for at least two hours to get information to flacracker78 to tell him/her to go to orphan to get a copy of the manual he/she is looking for. A mister M. Butkus has the site and he no longer lists that manual but it can be gotton by mailing a request to him at
    M. Butkus
    29 Lake Ave.
    Highbridge, NJ 08829-1701

    I really don"t understand why I would have to go through a lot of foolishness to help an individual who is just asking for some help. And if you can't reach the individual I guess they will just try to remain hopeful for another six or more months without their manual.
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    Truly a Godsend! It worked. I'm using Premier Pro CS3 and my MPG video, which is actually a .MOD file from a JVC camera that I just renamed the file extension on, and when I would import the file into the program it would not show any sound with the video, but your fix worked!!!
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    Terrific knowledge of the technical AND very amiable persona in front of the camera as well.

    Here's a new fan from the USA sending a great big THANK YOU Dave, for sharing your savvy know-how!
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    I love you :-)
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    I've been looking for an answer to this for hours - I was starting to think I'd need to buy a new video camera as it wasn't going to happen.

    Thanks a million!
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    Hey Dave,

    I think it's a swell resource!

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    Agreed, this is a good deal. Here's something completely free though

    Check out the Free Loops category at

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    i give thanks to the lord GOD and then finish the rest to your people for you good work you have been doing in these filed of audio/video work , may GOD bless you more and more , how i wish to know more on working on a Camera like films ect
    thanks Nelson from Cameroon
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    Wow nice skills then!

    Yeah in CS4 it isn't brilliant when I had a chance to try it out, but I reckon most of that was on my part like lighting etc.
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    Yeah, the accent... that was always going to be a thing. I was actually going to mention it and say that I hope you can understand me. I hope it doesn't turn too many people away. What we really need is a beautiful American baritone voice but you can't have everything.

    I'm just using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and cutting it in post. I reckon this is the first version that comes with an acceptable key for greenscreening. Previously I had to use After Effects for keying. I'm also considering using Vidblaster and cutting it live but this setup will probably be fine for now.

    That's a good idea about Chris. He's agreed to make some sort of appearance so hopefully we'll get something happening. I'm happy to play around with ideas.
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    I'm loving the accent Dave :-D

    Nice work - what software are you using for the studio? I saw something similar to that a week or two ago called Tricaster, nifty stuff!

    You should have a regular spot for Chris to start making a piece of equipment, then partway through say "to find out how to finish it off, subscribe at webaddress" - I'm sure Chris wouldn't mind that!

  17. R4949's Avatar
    All I can say is WOW - hours of help lines with Sony and Adobe getting nowhere.... a quick google and bingo - a true genius at work here!!!

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    Thank you for the post. These shortcut keyboards work very well and the biggest plus is the time saved.
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    Yes, but not in general.
    Only a part of the brain that is joined to nervous system of the eye.
    And on the eye the affected pat is especially the scrotum of the eye.
    But don't worry, is not very harmfull.
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    Within 12 months they start getting VERY sticky so you end up with great stickers that were not used on a regular basis and total writeoffs on well used ones!! The labels actually start to de-laminate after a lot of use and the adhesive starts to ooze out making the key very sticky. The only solution is to rip off all the labels and buy a new set. Mine started to fail within 6 months of use unfortunately!!!

    Sorry guys, but I wouldn't use them again!!!
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