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  1. Free Video Background Loops

    Recently I received a selection of video background loops from a company called Footage Firm. The videos are well-made and come on DVD with both SD and HD versions. Footage Firm is running a free giveaway promotion where all you have to pay is the postage and they'll send you the DVDs free. I doubt whether you'll find a better deal than that, so check it out here: Free Video Backgrounds
  2. Does 3-D Affect Your Health?

    We've seen the 3-D hype, now we're moving into the backlash phase. More and more people are expressing concern/indignation about the onslaught of 3-D content.

    Typical is this article from CNN that worries about short and long-term health effects of watching 3-D. There are some good points made, especially the fact that we really don't know what effect prolonged 3-D exposure has since people have traditionally only watched the duration of a movie in one sitting.

    Also ...
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  3. The Future of Flash Video

    Whenever I get the chance (like now) I like to boast about how I predicted the success of Flash video back when it was widely considered a non-starter. As soon as it was possible to construct a viable Flash player I did so. My first attempt was in Flash 5 and it eventually became the MC Media Player. Unfortunately I wasn't aggressive enough with my development or marketing (and my mediocre coding skills probably didn't help), so I watched as others took the idea much further and did much better ...
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  4. Vote for features in Youtube 2.0

    The official YouTube blog has a post about an upcoming overhaul of the entire site. This has been speculated for a while but it now looks imminent. Possible new features include:
    - HTML5 support with some form of open video standard (yay!)
    - Multiple channels per user
    - Video file storage
    - Monetization for all producers (not just the most popular ones)
    - Live streaming (critical IMO)
    - A completely new look
    - And of course, lots of bug-fixes
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  5. OpenShot Video Editor for Linux

    It surprises me that Linux has never managed to get a decent open-source video editor. Gimp has been a huge success as a free alternative to Photoshop but nothing has ever come close to doing the same for video.

    Could the answer be OpenShot? I don't know and to be honest I haven't even tried it. However it caught my attention because it has managed to reach v1.0, apparently without cheating, in less than a year. It has a team of developers, a reasonable feature set and a fairly solid ...
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