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    I'll let you know. I've put the Final Cut set on my Mac keyboard and it took around 20 minutes (including cleaning the keyboard first with the supplied wipe). It went smoothly and the quality seems good - it looks like it will last well. I'll keep you posted.
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    Saw that site a while ago - they look good, but what I want to know is what the quality is like, i.e. how long will they last before they fade/unstick from the keyboard?

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    OMG!! Thank u so much!! May your wife bear many children!!
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    BUT I love you!
    Thank you so much.... I can't even begin to tell you how much trouble this post has saved me....
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    Update: Goole releases VP8 as open source and calls it WebM. Updates here.
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    Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately that particular file is done and dusted but I'll ask the guy who did it if he can provide a drum/bass version in the next round.
  7. Guest - Jakeman3's Avatar
    you've got a few nice pieces there. Any chance you can offer Light Rock 1.1 with bass & drums only? Or at least for 8 bars before you add more instruments.
    Thanks - Jakeman3 - Torrance, CA
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    This was making me crazy! Thanks so much for the dll...never NEVER would have thought of that one on my own! worked instantly!!!
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    Update: NewTeeVee reports that Google is about the announce the open-sourcing of VP8. If so, it's a significant step but by no means the end of the road. Microsoft and Apple will both need to get on board if it's going to be considered part of HTML5. There are also hardware decoding issues with VP8, as opposed to H.264 which enjoys widespread support for hardware acceleration. And of course "open source" doesn't mean "patent free" so there's that discussion to have as well.

    The plot continues to unfold....
  10. Jenny (Guest)'s Avatar
    You totally saved me and my university project! I freaked out when PP3 didn't play audio... The files are from Canon Legria and I had no clue why it didn't recognize the audio of its .mpg files and recognized it in other .mpg. I thought that 2 weeks of hard work have gone to waste and your fix with the .dll was like a gift from God! Thank you so so much for sharing the fix!
  11. BenBen's Avatar
    thanks so much!! you're a generous man for sharing this solution to everyone.. may you be blessed!
  12. Yulia's Avatar
    lots of link that I open, give me a confusing ways....
    and, you just write the solution in clear and simple sentences. And, your solution is works!!!
    Keep on writing...
    You'll help more people..
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  14. Guest's Avatar
  15. Dave's Avatar
    Wouldn't it be nice if all the decision-makers in the world actually made decisions that worked towards the common good rather than the good of their own commercial interests? We can continue to dream.

    I haven't seen LOTR on Blu-ray yet but I'm planning to buy it soon (I'm still trying to decide which is more urgent - LOTR or the remastered Star Trek original series). I know what you mean though, the flicker effect isn't nearly as bad on my TV. Still, I do find 25fps to be the most annoying thing about living in a PAL country. PAL is nice and traditionally I've preferred it to NTSC, but in these days of digital delivery I find myself becoming more envious of NTSC's higher frame rate. I get frustrated by the attention high-resolution gets while everyone ignores "temporal resolution".
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    Update: Microsoft has unveiled the latest build of IE9 and confirmed support for HTML5. See a test drive here. This pretty much seals the deal for the video element as the future of online video delivery.
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    Just curious Dave, have you seen LOTR on Blu-Ray yet? If you had, I'm assuming you had lost that flicker effect.

    Although all movies (no matter what flavor) is subjective, 24P is truly universal, technically. Several years ago, cross-conversion equipment was much more costlier. Imho, when technology opened the door to 24P it was widely accepted of those in video niches which put them on par with the film industry. Post-houses easily went from 24fps to any video format. Now video could be centralized at 24P and go the same route (to any format) rather than be locked into one particular television format.

    Many, many years ago, whatever technology and software SFX (special effects) there was, were great for video. To do it for film was so costly (and now detectable and crappy looking). Today, SFX resolution can approach film resolution, to a seamless degree, the Digital Intermediate makes 24P highly desirable and professionally acceptable.

    I remember discussions with engineers during the 80's, of creating a universal/international format, so that countries were not locked into their respective tv formats. The thought was, broadcasters would do more international content and anybody could view it no matter where they were. HD meant to change that but it all came back to the 50/60 Hz issue. Unfortunately, politics & businesses of the day wouldn't want to lose their footholds of those areas (such small thinking). Imo, if greed was not part of this, all countries would have slowly merged into a universal tv/theatrical realm, similar to where we are today but with mature technology.

    Many of us saw the dream but didn't know how or have the means to get there. (Sigh... I'm really showing my age here...)
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    if only there were more people like you, making easy-to-understand fixes to problems such as these. thanks so much!

    you should work on curing cancer.
  19. steff's Avatar
    Yes, thanks, the ac3.dll import worked. transcoding, way too much work. cheers
  20. SC358's Avatar
    This is certainly great news, Dave! I have been slowly digging around the new look. You seem to have much more going on that what can be perceived at a glance. It's funny how ambitious I feel about many things but I just don't have the time to commit to something new. I need to clean my own house before I can help on other levels. I guess that's what I like so much about MC ~ give concise advice every so often.
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