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  1. New Motion Stabilization Software

    First, the bad news: This is still in the research stage and won't be available for perhaps a couple of years.

    The good news: A new approach to image stabilization appears to give dramatically improved results over current software. The new approach creates a 3-D model of a scene from shaky video footage, then recreates the camera movement to simulate a nice linear or parabolic track.

    See the whitepaper and video here and story in New Scientist here.
  2. Youtube Goes Widescreen

    At last! I logged in today to see the long-awaited change. 16x9 videos can now be seen as they were meant to. Older videos appear to either keep the 4x3 player or get pillared inside a 16x9 player. All good.

    BTW, if you want to link directly to the high-quality version of a Youtube clip, add &fmt=18 to the end of the URL. For uber-quality add &fmt=22.
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  3. RED Announcement

    RED's DSMC (Digital Stills and Motion Camera) System is now official. In case you haven't heard, RED is probably the most talked-about and hyped new camera system in years. It's had rave reviews from such notables as Peter Jackson.

    The main points are:
    - It's an affordable system for those of us that don't have multi-million dollar budgets.
    - The quality and specs are up there with the million-dollar versions.
    - It's a truly modular system, allowing you to buy ...
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  4. More holograms

    Back in September I blogged about a live hologram being broadcast from Australia to New Zealand. This week CNN introduced their own version which also looked very impressive. Check out the story here, which includes a link to a behind-the-scenes video.

    I think the CNN team might be a little carried away with their own success in using phrases like "never-before-seen image" and "you've never seen anything like this on television". Technically they may be right - I'd only previously ...
  5. Extreme Visual Computing

    If you're into serious immersive AV displays, you have to have a look at the World's Most Technologically Advanced Planetarium. It's a stunning look at where computer displays are going. The whole article is five pages but there are plenty of pictures

    It's worth the read. I was practically foaming at the mouth.
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