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    Hi Dave

    What about budding videographers??? Most will have a short showreel to upload or link to???

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    Thanks Dave - nice and easy.
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    Thanks mate. MUCH appreciated.
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    Thanks so much for the help with my 'silent' mpg files in Adobe Premier Pro - you wonder why Adobe don't do this anyway, especially since I have Adobe Encore and that has the dll with it.
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    Thank you so much! Very helpful and easy to understand. Thanks for taking the time to help others stuck in a jam!
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    it's cool trick. Thanks a lot!!!
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    Wow. I've been all over the Adobe site and you just solved this problem in 2 seconds. Thanks so much for taking the time.
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    Sorry, that's not possible with the player at this stage.
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    Many thnx!! You saved my ass
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    thanks man
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    I wanted to know where can i buy edirol v8 in india?
  13. viswanathan's Avatar
    we have one user (adobe acrobat 9 professional ) only.
    we installed one system, that system is fault so we want to install in another system
    what is the procedure?
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    God bless you Dave. Your post has been a great help and thanks to Google for making life so easy.
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    Hi Dave!
    I wanted to ask you about the MCMP Video Player. Is it possible to show the song lyrics on the right side box which are plain text?

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    I am so grateful for this post! I have searched the web for the .dll file [I didn't want to download Encore] to no avail. Thank you very much!
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    I have had a catalogue of problems with Adobe. I use the usual Flash, Adobe Reader plus PSE 7, Acrobat Pro, Premiere 7. Too many examples to list them all.

    Just one example: I lost my PSE 7 disc and set up a support request to see what I could do. Was told to download the trial version and enter my product key. Did that and it didnít work. Spent ages on web and found out (not on Adobe site) that this didnít work as I needed a disc version not a download version. Updated my support request with this info, gave up waiting for response and rang Adobe. Took ages and told same as before. Explained that it didnít work and was told it would and to try again. Did that three times and still didnít work.

    Rang them again and told to order new disc, gave address (PO Box) and credit card number. Card debited but no sign of disc. Received a message on support case asking for physical address not PO Box. Gave physical address and still no disc. Rang and gave physical address again. Still no disc. Credit card debited again (!!!!) and still no disc. Rang again and complained and given web address of download version that would work. That did work but still no disc. Received message on support site asking for physical address and still no disc after another four weeks.

    Just left another message Ė the saga continues.

    Also, when are they going to produce Windows 7 / 64 bit versions of anything???
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    Hi Guys,

    I have been facing several problems in Adobe CS4. I hope you people could help me tp resolve this issues. Following are the list of issues.
    1. Couldn't able to install CS4 directly in a system. I can able to install only through remote.
    2. When we open the CS3 files in CS4, the fonts are getting BOLD automatically.
    3. In Capitivity 4 when we trying to convert the text to speach its going to internet and search.
    4. Could you pls provide me the support mail id fo adobe.
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    You, sir, are a genius. I thought I was app-aware until I came across this little poser. Your solution worked instantly and with no drama at all.

    Probably the most useful thing I can say is - If you are faced with this issue DO NOT waste your time tinkering and turning your file system into a train wreck, TRY THIS FIRST!
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    thank you very much for sharing.
    very clear, well structured and useful.
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