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  1. Dreaming in Monochrome

    Among the many mysteries of dreaming is the fact that some people dream in colour and some people dream in monochrome (black and white). Why is this? It's often reported that there's a correlation between vibrant personalities and vibrant dream-colours although I'm skeptical about that claim. Some people don't believe we dream in black and white at all; rather, there is simply the absence of any colour information (i.e. the colour is "unspecified").

    Maybe the real answer is simply ...
  2. Adobe CS4 Reviews

    Adobe CS4 is out! It caught me on the hop a bit, I wasn't expecting it until November. Anyway, I managed to download the Master Collection, play with it for a day and then scribble down my initial thoughts in this review. I've also done a slightly more in-depth review of Premiere Pro CS4. Hopefully I'll be able to expand and add more reviews over the next month or so.
  3. TV station guilty of subliminal advertising

    The Australian Communications and Media Authority has found Network Ten guilty of using subliminal advertising during the 2007 Aria Music Awards. Single-frame shots of sponsor logos were flashed during the broadcast in a technique thought to increase consumer brand awareness and action.

    The network is only getting a slap on the hand. I think they should count themselves lucky - it is well known that subliminal advertising is illegal and trying this trick in the 21st Century is pretty ...
  4. Live Events via Hologram

    As reported at this morning, "a walking, talking image of Australian chat show host Rove McManus was beamed across the Tasman yesterday to appear live on stage at Auckland's Vector Arena." Telecommunications company TelstraClear is promoting the technology for both business and home use, although the latter is still several years way.

    Is this also the future of larger-scale "live" appearances? With increasing concerns about the environmental impact of touring acts, might ...
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  5. Adobe CS4 Coming Soon

    Adobe is set to announce the latest version of their productivity suite, CS4, on 23rd September 2008. You can be among the first in the world to see the new features during a web broadcast the same day. Sign up here:
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