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    I jumped online today to see if I were the only one with an issue with Adobe support, or lack of. In my situation, I was trying to upgrade from acrobat 6 to acrobat 9pro. Like others, I opted for the download being I was in need of the upgrade as a business tool. After 3 attempts to download the program (because of currupt files), their website locked me out. After two hours of holding, I was advised by an Adobe tech to create a ne user account on the computer and try again. When I finished jumping through all these hoops, I had the exact same problem, but worse. The downloader Adobe uses not only caused my network to crash, but also THREE COMPUTERS! I called customer service this morning for refund (which only took three and a half hours). When asked "why I wasn't satisfied, I politely explained that their $159 program caused 12 hrs of business down time and 7hrs of my IT person working @ $85/hr to restore everthing. They obviously didn't care. The solution: For $40, I picked up Nitro PDF Professional. It is tons more user friendly, works with all MS office applications, and I can still edit PDF files created by my partner company who uses Adobe. The best part is that Nitro PDF Pro has better security features than acrobat 9 pro. The biggest question is: Is Adobe so ignorant with their once monopoly on PDF that they didn't realize their competitor has a more efficient and user friendly product for over $400 less?
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    You are a star! Found your hint with a goole search and it works perfect! I can now start enjoying my new Sony Camcorder.
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    thank you for the article, visit
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    I'm in the process of trying to cross-platform from CS3 (pc) to CS4 (Mac). What a nightmare. 3 weeks later - I've paid $925 to upgrade and still no product as the won't accept my "Letter Of Destruction". I thought Adobe had it together - I guess I was wrong! Where is the alternative? I'm in!!!
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    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! You saved my life today.
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    Nice - should help me more than anyone lol. I'm the worst offender for shaky footage!
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    Thank you very very very much. That was very helpfull.
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    I am having issues with Adobe customer support as well. I am an educator so I wanted to purchase some software from the Education store. The FAQ is a bit unclear about exactly what they require as credentials before charging the customer and providing access to the product. The FAQ also indicates that the customer should receive feedback WITHIN one business day. There is even a large banner at the "customer support portal" that claims that feedback is given WITHIN one business day. My order was on the 13th (a Saturday) so I expected resolution the following Monday. The close of Tuesday is quickly approaching and still nothing about my order.

    I called yesterday and was told to wait it out (since there were 4 hours left in the business day). I called today indicating that I had still heard nothing and was put on hold, given an email to contact that was apparently a more direct contact to the people I needed to get to, and was told my issue importance was raised a level or whatever that means. I sent an email. No response. And still nothing from my original order.

    The customer service person told me that there was no way I could actually talk to someone in that department over the phone. Maybe because that department (which deals with large discounts) is in America and the call center is in India. There was such an impersonal feeling with both operators I spoke with. Either way, my issue is still unresolved.

    This software is to be used for a side business I am starting with a partner. Every day I don't have the software is money lost.

    Adobe customer support sucks. If their products themselves weren't so good, I would simply choose something else, but their product is a must-have for me. They've got me by the cherries.

    I feel your pain Dave.
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    Thank you so much its really helped me
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    A HUGE Thank You Dave. You just saved me hours at a time when I'm on a very tight deadline. Your fix worked beautifully.
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    Sweeeeeeeeet :-)
  12. OzJester's Avatar're a champ!!
    Like others above me, I had no clue why my clips from my Sony Handycam weren't playing their audio in Premier Pro.
    Quick download...move the file....LOVELY!!
    My fishing videos will now work!

    Thanks again.
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    So unstable its ridicious ... constant interuptions to workflow is costing me money.!!!! Even quiting apps causes them to crash.!! Abobe get your fingers out of you **** and update to a stable version pls.!
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    thanks dude,
    I have been trying to renovate dvd VOB files.
    I would save and then change the VOB file to Mpg, but of course Adobe premiere CS3
    would not allow the audio file.
    Put your fix in and she's away

    Without you help I would have had to go back to originla 1993 VHS tapes.
    fun not.
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    Thank you so much good sir. I finally found a fix using the .dll file. Thanks a bunch, now I won't have to waste time importing and exporting.
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    Cheers, I don't usually work with MPG, but the client filmed all the footage with one of these harddrive cameras, so this has proved very helpful.
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    I've been dealing with them for years, but lately past year or so it's been worst ever.
    Indian (is there any other?) customer support is disaster!
    Most of them are arogant, the rest are cluless!
    What hurts the most is price we pay and total ignorance by Adobe.
    Their product may apear as indespensable, but...there are alternatives. Maybe they wake up one day.
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    Works great!! and too easy to do
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    Many thanks ... the add in library worked perfectly with Premiere Pro CS3 and got us out of a lot of trouble for an exam submission.

    Much appreciated.


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    Forget about every thing every simulation running inside that!

    Think about you had it placed in one of your rooms, then you watched a Star Trek - and ohh.. also think you didn't forget inviting me, too!

    By the way; I hope Dave you have some idea where we would place the chairs and a small table for corn and drinks.. well, I assumed we will SIT! right? uh, hello?

    won't we??

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