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  1. Sushi30's Avatar
    The second solution worked perfectly! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!
  2. Guest's Avatar
    Thanks a million.
  3. Guest's Avatar
    Amen, I agree with the other poster that said your a God send. Thanks for helping me solve this problem. For the expense of this program, you'd think Adobe would address this issue.
    Thanks again!
  4. Dave's Avatar
    @lawrence adebayo: Your best bet is probably ebay or some other second-hand outlet. That's a very old version.
  5. lawrence adebayo's Avatar
    i want to purchased Adobe 6.5
  6. Guest's Avatar
    Just that...
    Got that problem, and with a smart search on Google, found your solution.
  7. Albert Siegel's Avatar
    This worked great! This saved me so many hours of converting. Thank you so much!
  8. tradestead's Avatar
    Hey,thanks for your wisdom.Even though i think youtube is so good.
  9. Dave's Avatar
    New Zealand's TV3 responds to CNN's hologram with a somewhat less convincing effort . The interview is with the leaders of the Bill & Ben Party.

  10. Young Zae's Avatar
    This is a legit download. Just download it, open the containing folder, open a separate folder and find your Premier Pro folder in Program Files and drag the .dll into the Premier Pro folder along with the other extensions. Thanks man.
  11. Guest's Avatar
    Muchas gracias

    Ha sido muy fácil solucionar el problema.

  12. Guest's Avatar
    I have been told that for the most part, yes everyone dreams in B&W but some "just before waking" somewhere in that state, where the brain begins to revive, we can dream in color and do some times.
  13. nagar's Avatar
    Well, I've purchased CS3.3 not too long ago and CS4?! Man... it's killing me...

    One more addition: Camera Raw 5.0 on Photoshop. Supposed to have an improvement in processing speed.
  14. Dave's Avatar
    Robby, I'm not quite following what you want, but in any case could you please post this in the web design forum rather than the blog? Thanks.
  15. earthbound's Avatar
    Hello Dave,

    I 'm trying to sell products, in which a participant can copy their website, one of the many various ecommerce programs that they offer. However am not website designer or savvy enough to transfer their website to my url. While surfing the internet, I ran into your forum about a software that can perform such task. I 'm looking for anyone is a ble to do this for me and be willing to pay for it.

    Could you recomment any specific entity willing to do this....?

    I would appreciate your advise.

  16. thedadster's Avatar
    Hi, just to say I am using Premiere Elements VERSION 4.0 and have been banging my head against the wall over this one. The audio would not play on clips from my Sony Hard Drive Camcorder. Until I found your simple solution, WHICH WORKS! You are a Gold Medal Winner!
  17. Guest's Avatar
    i still don't think these are as good as youtube
  18. nagar's Avatar
    Possible Mac Counterpart: Transcode with MPEG_Streamclip. (Freeware, Google it).

    And if you cannot open the video file in QT, it's likely the issue with extensions. Just change the .mpg to .mpeg. Open it on QT. If you have QT Pro, you can transcode the video as long as you can open it on QT Pro.
  19. nagar's Avatar
    I am disappointed by it somewhat.. perhaps the bar that was set by Google needs something that is more 'radical'?
  20. nagar's Avatar
    Thanks Dave. I have been tasked to look into web building, so I guess this will give me a bigger picture if I come to the part about video-sharing..
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