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  1. The Future of Flash Video

    Whenever I get the chance (like now) I like to boast about how I predicted the success of Flash video back when it was widely considered a non-starter. As soon as it was possible to construct a viable Flash player I did so. My first attempt was in Flash 5 and it eventually became the MC Media Player. Unfortunately I wasn't aggressive enough with my development or marketing (and my mediocre coding skills probably didn't help), so I watched as others took the idea much further and did much better ...
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    Video , Web Development
  2. Website Update, Feb 2010

    It's been a busy week at If you've visited the forum you'll have seen that we've had a major upgrade - you can read about it in this thread. I'm personally quite excited about the new possibilities.

    The Newsroom is starting to take shape. So far I've posted a few quick stories to help get the system working and I'm still fine-tuning it. I'm aiming to post at least a few stories most weeks but we'll see how it goes.

    We've been commissioning a few more ...
  3. Google Employees Convicted in Italy

    Italian Judge Oscar Magi has convicted three Google employees for privacy violation after an offensive video was posted to Google Video back in 2006. The employees did get away with six-month suspended sentences but the wider implications of the conviction are bound to create a tidal wave of consternation.

    The convicted employees had absolutely nothing to do with the video. It was posted by a user who has since been convicted for the offence - thanks to assistance from Google. The ...
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  4. When news balance isn't balanced

    This morning I came across an article called 5 Things The Media Loves Pretending Are News (warning: course language). I particularly liked it because it mentions one of my biggest annoyances with news reporting: "Let's Ask the Idiots About Science".

    All journalists are taught a basic principle of good reporting: Present both sides to any argument. If a politician presents a certain point of view, get an interview with an opposing politician who provides "balance". In theory this makes ...
  5. Happy Birthday Photoshop

    This month Adobe Photoshop turns 20 years old. Here's an interesting look back at the history of this industry-changing application:
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