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  1. nagar's Avatar
    Yup, I read about Chrome. Still have not got the time to check it out as I was looking at Flock (social network browser, very useful for that, but in general I don't like the entire feel yet) .

    I'll likely test Chrome out after I update my OS.
  2. Dave's Avatar
    Less than 24 hours after posting this entry, Google Chrome beta has been released at It's my new favorite browser

    As far as features go it's light. The interface is typical Google function-over-style which I like but others won't. Perhaps the most glaring omission is the lack of support for the Google Toolbar - in fact if you try to install the toolbar, Google thinks you're using Firefox and asks if you want to upgrade to the latest version! Okay, it's still in beta, but this looks very sloppy.

    On the plus side, what really makes it for me is the Task Manager - this allows you to keep track of exactly how much memory and data transfer each tab is using. This is a great leap forward for those who want better monitoring and control of web pages. Apparently pages that would otherwise crash the browser will now only affect one tab - close the tab and carry on. I'm almost looking forward to this happening to see how well it works.

    I think Google Chrome blows the whole browser situation wide open. It will be interesting to see what happens from here.
  3. Web Design Company's Avatar
    I tried testing Cuil but was not the least impressed...sorry if that sounds harsh.
  4. Guest's Avatar
    Any solution for Mac users? Premiere Elements is only for Windows. Do you know what is the counterpart for the missing dll on MAc
  5. JTroll's Avatar
    Your post was a Godsend - you have no idea how helpful this was! As someone well-versed in the Adobe Creative Suite but brand-new to Premiere and to video editing in general, I was tearing my hair out over the fact that it seemed to completely ignore the audio in my .mpg files imported from my new Sony HDD camera. You were the only source to give me the answer I was looking for (not only addressing the specific problem but offering a way to fix it) after hours of fiddling and searching.

    Again, thanks!
  6.'s Avatar
    nice to see there is interest for new tech in audio format.

    Please compare the Korean attempt with existing and operational iKlax format which can have an unlimited (virtually) amount of tracks.
    More importantly, as noted in the article, it contains a smart "constraints system" allowing the artist to control what the listener can do or not while "inside" the song.

    We are at a turning point here. It is not realistic to announce or to go towards a replacement for mp3... its a new way of listening to music, including the advantages and disadvantages.

    Once you've listened to a multitrack song (a features usually reserved to the professional), you realize how cool it actually is.
    Take a heavy metal, death metal track with heavy singing... you may enjoy the music, but not the singing - just switch the track off (if artist allowed the function).

    Artists also, are given new opportunity to enrich every track they produce, by offering various versions of a same track.

    Anyway, for the sake of comparison, I advise anyone interested in music's future to take a good look at iKlax:

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