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  1. New Standard for TV Commercial Volume

    Way back in October 2003 a message was posted in our forum asking why TV commercials seem louder than regular programming. It's a complicated situation and comments in the thread over the last six years have helped explain how it works and why it's taking so long to get anything done about it.

    While I'm not getting too excited just yet, it is encouraging to see the International Telecommunication Union propose a technical standard on commercial volume limits. Essentially they have ...
  2. Wedding Photo Gallery

    We've just started a new section for wedding photography which includes a gallery of examples intended to provide inspiration for budding photographers. If you've got any spectacular wedding photos you'd like to share, please let me know. I'm looking for imaginative, original photos that depart from the standard shots. Remember the point is to suggest new ideas and innovative approaches to wedding photography.

    In return you'll get credit and a link to your website (if you want it ...
  3. Vote for features in Youtube 2.0

    The official YouTube blog has a post about an upcoming overhaul of the entire site. This has been speculated for a while but it now looks imminent. Possible new features include:
    - HTML5 support with some form of open video standard (yay!)
    - Multiple channels per user
    - Video file storage
    - Monetization for all producers (not just the most popular ones)
    - Live streaming (critical IMO)
    - A completely new look
    - And of course, lots of bug-fixes
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  4. OpenShot Video Editor for Linux

    It surprises me that Linux has never managed to get a decent open-source video editor. Gimp has been a huge success as a free alternative to Photoshop but nothing has ever come close to doing the same for video.

    Could the answer be OpenShot? I don't know and to be honest I haven't even tried it. However it caught my attention because it has managed to reach v1.0, apparently without cheating, in less than a year. It has a team of developers, a reasonable feature set and a fairly solid ...
  5. New Motion Stabilization Software

    First, the bad news: This is still in the research stage and won't be available for perhaps a couple of years.

    The good news: A new approach to image stabilization appears to give dramatically improved results over current software. The new approach creates a 3-D model of a scene from shaky video footage, then recreates the camera movement to simulate a nice linear or parabolic track.

    See the whitepaper and video here and story in New Scientist here.
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