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The Third Eye in China Series

Hi there,

To begin with, I would like to share the difficulty of figuring an appropriate title for what I look forward to be a mini-series of little snapshots and tiny tips in travel photography.

Thus far, my travels have been restricted only to the Asian region due to the nature of my work, the costs and dread of taking long flights. Yes I dislike traveling by planes. But the payoff comes with what I 'harvest' with my lens and the 'friendships' that I forge with the inhabitants of the land.

Due to certain styles I have developed over the times whenever I have the privilege to spend more time behind the still camera, you might not necessarily find what I take appealing or attractive. Maybe they will look Greek to you. You might even hate it! That's alright, as long as you have some good reasons to share with me. I would be glad to learn from some who may possess a keener eye than me. That will be at worst humbling, and at best, sharpening my Eye.

So here goes... hmmm how do I put photos in...

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