• Mozilla To Support H.264

    Slashdot reports that Mozilla Firefox is set to soften its stance on video codecs and offer support for h.264. This would be a major move forward in resolving the impasse over HTML5 video. In case you haven't been keeping up, the video element in HTML5 is currently stuck in limbo because Firefox and Chrome have both been holding out against h.264 due to patent/licensing issues, while the other browsers are reluctant to support the open WebM and Theora standards. Currently the only solution for web developers is to create at least two versions of every video that goes on a web page - something most developers are obviously reluctant to do.

    This move leaves Chrome as the only major browser not fully supporting h.264. Actually Chrome does currently support h.264 but Google has spoken out against it and claims to be completely dropping support any time now. In any case this puts Google in a difficult position. Will they capitulate? Time will tell, but my personal prediction is yes, Chrome will continue to support h.264.
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