• The Latest Attempt at Glasses-Free 3D

    3D without the glasses is a technology that's always just around the corner and you have to take most press releases with a grain of salt, but for what it's worth, we have news of a possible move forward. Researchers from South Korea have published a paper explaining a new 3D system.

    The researchers describe the system as:
    ...a novel frontal projection-type auto-stereoscopic display method using a single projector with passive optical elements, such as a polarizer and a QWRF. This compact and cost-effective frontal projection-type auto-stereoscopic display technique, which is based on the parallax barrier method or integral imaging, requires neither complicated structures nor any active optical/mechanical components, so it is facile and inexpensive.
    Glasses-free 3D is already used in some devices such as Nintendo’s 3DS. However it hasn't been practical to apply this technology to movie theaters because the projectors would need to be located in a large area behind the screen.

    The proposed new method uses projectors located in the traditional position behind the audience, so they will fit in existing theaters.

    What's the catch? The technology isn't refined enough to be implemented yet. In particular, the image is still fairly low-resolution. Of course there's also the small problem that cinemas around the world are still paying for the last new 3D system they installed.
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