• Microsoft's New Logo

    For the first time in 25 years Microsoft has updated its logo. Any new logo for a big company will always attract criticism and the inevitable comments such as "I hope they didn't pay for that" and "My 5YO could have done that with MS Paint". Just in case you're tempted to repeat these, it's not that simple and even if true, it only makes you look like someone who doesn't understand logo design. But enough of that, we're not here to lecture.

    There are a few interesting things to note about Microsoft's logo...

    The new logo is the most generic in Microsoft's history. Take away the text and you're left with something very similar to countless existing logos. If you're fast, you can still buy one. Of course Microsoft does have more power of recognition than any of the others.

    Close squares with different colors don't compress well in the JPEG format. There are going to be a lot of ugly versions of this logo before long.

    Lots of people are discussing the squareness. It's interesting to see how some view it as retro while others see it as the future. Clearly it fits the "UI formerly known as Metro" style of Windows 8. Are we seeing the demise of the whole rounded corners style that came with Web 2.0? Microsoft does have enough influence to drive this sort of change.

    Is it just a logo, worth a few minutes chat but not particularly significant? Or is it an important milestone in the ever-evolving design landscape?
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