• Neil Young's Pono To Be Released Next Year

    In the highly subjective world of audio quality, an interesting new contender is nearing market release. Championed by Neil Young, "Pono" is an audio format and range of hardware devices designed to replicate music in a more "pure" way. Whereas formats such as MP3 use lossy compression and other tricks to reduce file size, Pono promises to deliver high-resolution digital music omparable to the original masters.

    Some commentators have poked fun at the player's odd triangular shape which appears poorly designed for pocket transportation, however it should be remembered that any devices seen so far are only prototypes. Also, Pono will offer a range of different devices so there's nothing to suggest that the triangle will be the only design.

    So far not many people have had the opportunity to test Pono, but interestingly the comments from those who have are so far generally favorable.

    Whether or not high-resolution audio is actually something most people care about remains to be seen. There is undoubtably a niche market for it, but a mass market ready to convert from MP3 and re-purchase their music collection? Time will tell.
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