• Disney to buy Lucasfilm, Star Wars 7 coming

    The Walt Disney Company has announced an agreement to acquire Lucasfilm Ltd. from for $4.05 billion in stock and cash. Lucasfilm is a private company that grew to a formidable "force" on the back of its most successful franchise, Star Wars. Founder George Lucas had previously indicated that he would one day step down and it seems that the time has come.

    Over the years Lucas has flip-flopped on the possibility of more Star Wars sequels. When the original film was renamed "Episode IV - A New Hope", Lucas said that he had nine films planned. However he later categorically stated "There is no Episode VII". In the latest twist, Disney is now planning to release Episode VII in 2015 with more sequels to come every few years.

    While we wait, there will be no shortage of arguments about whether this is good or bad news...

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