• Curved OLED Screens

    LG and Samsung have both announced "the world's first curved OLED screen". No, it's not a joint project - it's just that they're both shouting "first!".

    LG's 55" model is call the EA9800. Samsung has yet to reveal any useful details but keep an eye on their CES website for info.

    The curved screens look fantastic and are likely to find an enthusiastic market among gamers and others in a single-viewer situation. For the living room, it remains to be seen how popular curved screens will become, as they obviously impact the viewing angle (the best viewing angle is right in front of the screen, while viewers on the sides will have a much less comfortable view).

    The possibilities for multiple screens are also enticing. My workstation screen are spread around me and I'd love try replacing them all with curved screens. I can also see a huge market in specialist public display areas.

    Neither LG nor Samsung have announced availability or pricing, so don't think you'll be going out to buy one next week.
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