• MOVI Camera Stabilizer

    FreeFly, manufacturer of camera support systems, has announced a new hand-held camera stabilizer called MŌVI. The system uses a custom-designed gimbal and 3-axis gyroscope, and can be used by a solo operator or team of operators. For example, one person can concentrate on moving the camera while another concentrates on framing and focus via remote control.

    The unit is currently priced at $15,000 USD with a $7,500 option apparently in the works.

    The promotional video below takes a behind-the-scenes look at a short film created entirely with the MŌVI, shot on a Canon EOS 1DC (at 4K) and a Canon 24mm 1.3 Cine Prime (aerial shots with a Zeiss 18mm CP.2). You can watch the short at vimeo.com/62917185.

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      Dave -
      Here's an update video with more info about the available units:

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