• Zoom H6 Audio Recorder

    One of my favourite pieces of audio equipment is the Zoom H4n. It's not technically the best audio recorder out there (a common criticism is the quality of the pre-amp) but it's small, simple, versatile and very good value for money. I love it because it's saved my butt many times just by being there and able to perform a variety of functions when I suddenly need it. I've also used it a lot to capture audio for our free sound effects library.

    Now Zoom has announced a new version: the Zoom H6 Handy Recorder.

    Serious audio professionals will want to wait for the reviews to see if the quality is up to their standards, but on the face of it this seems like a worthy successor to the H4n. The ability to record six channels simultaneously is a big plus. The physical knobs for recording levels also look nicer to use than the H4n's fiddly controls.

    As you can see from the picture, the interchangeable microphones are a handy feature. Of course the pros will have their own preferred mics to use, but let's be honest, the Zoom is aimed more at those people wanting a cheap, highly portable unit than those wanting the very best.

    I'd be interested in purchasing one myself except that I'm still perfectly happy with my H4n.
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