• OpenShot more than doubles its Kickstarter funding goal

    As reported in our recent blog post, the free open-source video editor OpenShot has been running a Kickstarter campaign to create a new version with native support for Windows and MacOS. We felt this was such a good idea we backed the campaign as a corporate sponsor.

    The campaign has just ended with a total of $45,028 pledged. That's an outstanding result, more than twice the original goal of $20,000. This means the project has achieved several "stretch goals" including additional format support, improved cropping, animation curve presets, video render queue and the ability to offload rendering to other computers.

    We have a new section devoted to OpenShot, in which we hope to bring you more information, tips and tutorials for working with this software. Naturally it makes sense to wait until we know more about how the new version will work before we get too carried away with this, but we're looking forward to bringing you news and new material as soon as we can.

    Congratulations to Jonathan Thomas and the team for a fantastic result.

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