• Adobe Moves to Subscription-Only

    Adobe plans to dump the traditional version-based model of its software and make future versions only available via Creative Cloud. You can see Adobe's full (and rather waffly) announcement here.

    The short version is that current "perpetual license" software (the kind you buy and either keep forever or upgrade when a new version comes out) will only be getting security updates from now on - no more major version changes. If you want new versions you'll need to subscribe to Creative Cloud.

    Predictably this is causing an outcry from those who want nothing to do with the subscription service. A long discussion on Slashdot is full of anger as well as a fair amount of misinformation. Whatever you think about this move it's worth clarifying a few things:

    • The subscription price varies but at MediaCollege.com we're currently paying around $30 USD per month. Some people are reporting a flat universal rate of $50 USD per month - this is incorrect.
    • Creative Cloud does not "force you to work in the cloud" as many people claim. You download the software and run it on your computer. There is an optional cloud storage service to but no obligation to use it.
    • Updates are made available regularly but they are not compulsory as some people claim. You have to manually instigate the updates. If you don't want the update, don't do it.
    • According to our calculations the overall cost is not significantly more than purchasing traditional software, and for most people who use more than one application it works out cheaper. Your mileage may vary and you should obviously do the calculations yourself, but don't be sucked in by claims that Adobe is using this new model as an excuse to ramp up prices. That doesn't seem to be the case according to our costs, and in fact we're finding it much cheaper now than when we were buying physical discs.

    Check out our video review of Creative Cloud for more details about how we've been finding this service.

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