• WeVideo Cloud-based Video Editor

    These days there are a few online (cloud) video editing solutions available, most obviously YouTube's video editor. Let's have a look at one of the alternatives - www.wevideo.com.

    WeVideo is entirely cloud-based which means you upload your raw video and edit it online. You can upload directly from any device so it's handy. Of course uploading video files from any device is very demanding on your bandwidth and data allowance - I wouldn't bother trying on my mobile plan.

    The editor has most of the functionality you'd expect from an entry-level hobbyist application. Don't expect any more than that.

    On the whole it looks fine but there are a few things to note:

    • "Any browser" actually means "any browser with Flash installed". That's an important difference if you're planning to use your iPad.
    • The free version is basically a trial version that embeds a watermark. The paid versions are cheapish for personal use but considering that this is a very basic editor, you might want to shop around.
    • The business prices are not so cheap - any commercial use costs $50 per month. It's very hard to justify that cost for such an entry-level tool. For around the same price you can get all of Adobe's professional-level tools.
    • The file size limit of 500MB is quite a severe limit.

    It's also important to ask - is cloud-based video editing really the best option? Video files are large bandwidth hogs and it's unclear that online editing really offers much convenience over doing it locally on your own device.

    Anyway, it is free to give it a try so you can judge for yourself. If nothing else it's not a bad way to give video editing a try if you've never done it before.
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