• YouTube Slow Motion Enhancement

    YouTube has announced a new post-production tool to its online "Enhancements" editor - slow motion. After uploading a video you can apply the slo-mo effect in one of three steps: 12.5%, 25% and 50%. The effect is applied to the entire clip so if you only want to use it in part of a clip, you'll need to upload the different segments as separate files and then edit them together (if you can be bothered with all that).

    To apply the slow motion effect:

    1. In your YouTube Video Manager, click the drop-menu arrow next to the file you want to edit.
    2. Select Enhancements.
    3. Click the turtle button.
    4. Select a slow motion speed.
    5. Click Save to apply the effect to the current video file, or click Save As to retain the original file and create a new one with the effect applied.
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