• ESPN 3D Cancelled

    Gizmodo has confirmed rumors about ESPN's 3D channel: It is to be cancelled by the end of 2013. This is obviously a blow to 3D manufacturers and supporters. Sports has been touted as one of the main growth areas in 3DTV and many have assumed that it would be the leading edge of 3DTV adoption.

    Unfortunately there are numerous problems associated with producing live 3D, not the least of which is the significant extra cost. Still, these problems are surmountable and could be worth overcoming if the end product is attractive enough to consumers. So far that doesn't seem to be the case, it seems that consumers are no more than moderately interested in 3D sports and we often come back to the issue of "is it worth wearing glasses for?".

    People are generally willing to wear glasses for a movie (and maybe a TV show) if it's good enough, but sports viewing is slightly different. For one thing, viewers frequently look away from the screen and talk to other viewers - it's not like watching a movie. Perhaps the glasses are more of an issue with sports than other content.

    It remains to be seen whether other types of content can keep 3DTV alive. 3D Blu-rays are enjoying some level of support but they certainly aren't replacing 2D. High-end TV series are a possibility.

    But for now, the anti-3D crowd gets to enjoy its latest victory.
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