• Adobe CC Now Available for Download

    The newest versions of Adobe's creative software, renamed from Creative Suite (CSx) to Creative Cloud (CC) is now available for download at www.adobe.com.

    I've just finished installing most of the apps and it's gone smoothly enough. Note that there's no automatic uninstallation of previous versions, so unless you have a good reason to leave previous versions installed you'll need to manually uninstall them first. Alternatively, if you're bit bit nervous about taking the plunge, you can uninstall them after installing the new version - but I've found in previous upgrades that this can cause problems. For most people I recommend finishing up any projects you're working on, get everything backed up, then uninstall CSx before installing the CC versions.

    I've noticed there's still a lot of confusion about this whole Creative Cloud thing. If you're one of the many people who are worried about "moving your software to the cloud", relax. That's not what happens. You download and install the software on your computer just like previous versions. The same goes for all your files - you don't need to upload or store them in the cloud if you don't want to.

    The question over the subscription model is a different issue altogether. Many people object to what they see as "renting" software rather than owning it. I understand why this sounds uncomfortable but I think there's a lot of unfounded fear about it. I'm not actually sure what real-world problems are created by renting rather than owning. For me the only differences are that it's easier to budget for and in the long run it works out cheaper. Other users will have different experiences, but even the single-app fee of $20/month seems very reasonable compared to the traditional cost.

    As for the actual improvements and new features, I'm not sure that there's a lot to say really. Premiere Pro has a slightly redesigned timeline. Photoshop has the Shake Reduction filter. There are plenty of minor tweaks and enhancements but nothing obviously revolutionary. I'll report back when I've been using CC for a couple of weeks but at this stage I doubt whether there will be a great deal to talk about.
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