• YouTube series filmed in 48p

    48 frames per second is one of the new "HFR" (high frame rate) formats being explored by some video and film producers. It hasn't gained much traction yet (the only notable film to be released in HFR so far is The Hobbit) but it is showing signs of cautious adoption in some quarters.

    Video Game High School is a web series that mixes real life footage with video game play. The series is getting a lot of attention and news coverage due to the fact that it is apparently the first web series to incorporate HFR footage. Note that HFR is only used from the second season and not all of the footage is 48fps - they've decided to shoot the "real life" footage in 24p and the game footage in 48p. Clever.

    The file sizes are large so you'll need a good connection and decent computer to watch it on. Check it out at the website or YouTube channel
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