• YouTube Revamps Comments

    Everyone has an opinion about the comments section for YouTube videos and most opinions are lass than complimentary. While websites everywhere struggle to deal with spam and vitriol, YouTube seems to attract more than its fair share of undesirable comments.

    Now Google/YouTube has announced a new-look comment system which they hope will address the problem. Powered by Google+, the new system will offer some significant changes:

    • Improved anti-spam filters
    • Improved moderation tools for content creators
    • Threaded conversations as default
    • Comments from content creators will rise to the top
    • Comments from friends of the viewer will rise to the top
    • Commenters can make their comments public or private

    No doubt these measures won't solve the problem of nasty comments completely but it looks like a positive step. It's certainly encouraging to see YouTube do something about their comments - as many people have pointed out, it's high time this was made as much of a priority as monetizing videos.

    It's also not a bad move on Google's part to pressure more people into having and using a Google+ account. YouTube is perhaps Google's most powerful platform to increase the relevance of Google+.

    Read the official announcement at http://youtube-global.blogspot.co.nz...-comments.html
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