• HDR Video System

    HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography is basically a technique that involves taking several exposures of the same image and combining them to provide a single image with higher dynamic range of luminance (i.e. higher contrast ratio) than would otherwise be possible.

    Sunnybrook Technologies is/was a Canadian company that developed HDR display systems. The company has since been renamed BrightSide Technologies and then acquired by Dolby, and has now claimed to have developed the world's first HDR video system. The key word appears to be system - HDR video itself is not new but Sunnybrook/Brightside/Dolby claims to have developed all the required technology from acquisition to display. You can find more details at Gizmag.

    As an aside, I've linked to a third-party report because I couldn't find anything from the company itself. This is something that happens surprisingly often. A fairly large company with millions of investment dollars completely fails to control its own presence on the Internet. The Sunnybrook website has been taken over by Russians; a search for BrightSide Technologies found a website that seems relevant but actually isn't; Dolby's website has no information about this topic.

    Pro tip: If you're going to announce a new technology you've developed, it would help to have a credible online presence to back it up.
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