• Wildlife Photographer Caught Using Stock photos

    Terje Helleso is a Swedish award-winning wildlife photographer who made a spectacular transition from popular celebrity to despised fraud this week, after it was revealed he has been doctoring stock photos and claiming them as his own.

    47-year old Helleso was named 2010 Photographer of the Year by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Particularly galling was the fact that he was involved in an ongoing project documenting the lynx - it now turns out that his "documentation" is worse than worthless.

    On top of that, Helleso has been an outspoken critic of digital manipulation and theft in the world of photography.

    It's hard to imagine how anyone could think that they could get away with this in the long term. One tiny slip-up is all it takes to get caught, and that's exactly what happened. A local hunter noticed that a lynx photo supposedly taken in summer had a winter coat. Once suspicion had been raised it didn't take long to uncover the truth. Since then a website has been created (in Swedish) to expose the fraud: http://terjadefoton.wordpress.com

    After initially denying any wrongdoing, Terje Helleso has now confessed.
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