• Final Cut Pro X Update

    Apple has begun the long, difficult journey towards repairing the damage caused by the Final Cut X debacle.

    After stunning the professional editing community with a product that's missing many essential features, Apple has made a small step in the process of replacing those missing essentials. The most important new addition to FCPX is XML support which offers some measure of backwards-compatibility as well as compatibility with other platforms. It's far from ideal but at least it's something. Perhaps more importantly, it's a signal that Apple is trying to fix things.

    Apple has a serious task ahead if they want to save their reputation among professional tastesetters (and let's not argue for now about that "if").

    As I write this news item, a video editing seminar is being held in a city very near to me, at which editors are learning about the main options for migrating away from Final Cut Pro. The promotional blurb began with this:
    Following the demise of Final Cut Pro as a professional editing application, digital editors are left with some big questions. Which platform will win their hearts?
    Whether or not you agree that Final Cut Pro is dead in the professional world, this is a clear indication of the sentiment that still exists months after the failed launch.

    Apple, for its part, is hoping you'll be patient. If you're still undecided and haven't tried it yet, you can get a free trial of Final Cut Pro X here.

    As for our opinion on the whole thing? Hopefully we'll have a video out in the next couple of weeks discussing the impact of Final Cut Pro X and how it's going to affect us at MediaCollege.com.
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