• Warco - the war correspondent game

    Warco, short for war correspondent, is a video game under development. It is made in the style of an FPS (first person shooter) in which you experience the game from a "first person" point of view. The difference is that instead of wielding a gun, your "weapon" is a television camera and the goal is to create news stories.

    The game is produced by Australia-based company Defiant Development, but was originally conceived by journalist Tony Maniaty who had reported from trouble-spots such as East Timor. Also invloved is filmmaker Robert Connolly who directed Balibo, a political thriller about Australian journalists killed in East Timor.

    The game holds great promise for those interested in any sort of journalism, especially conflict coverage, but many questions remain about the exact nature of the gameplay. For example, how are "scores" evaluated? Presumably you will build scores based on the quality of your news stories but this is largely a subjective judgment. It's hard to imagine how a computer will grade such performance.

    Of course the very idea of marketing an FPS in which you don't fire a single bullet will be a challenge. The reviews will no doubt be interesting but they will have to wait for the game to be released. In the meantime here's a sneak preview...

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    1. DerekLonsdale's Avatar
      DerekLonsdale -
      Thanks for the video, the trailer is amazing!
      I've been already playing Warco since September
    1. teacher's Avatar
      teacher -
      Thanks for the video. It is amazing.
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