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Premiere Pro, MPEG Files & Missing Audio

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Over the past couple of weeks I've been involved in a project that used a variety of camcorders, most of them Sony HDD (hard drive) camcorders that record in MPEG format. If you've ever tried to use these camcorders for editing, there's a fair chance you've discovered that the recording format isn't easy to work with. In particular, we struck the common problem that the MPEG files lose their audio when imported into Adobe Premiere Pro.

The reason for this is that Premiere Pro doesn't recognize the AC3 codec used for the audio. Why Adobe hasn't included AC3 support in Premiere Pro has been the subject of much debate and the source of much frustration, especially when the consumer-level Premiere Elements does support it.

In any case I thought it would be worthwhile sharing the solution because it's such a common problem. The solution is actually very easy and I've documented it here:
MPG/AC3 Files in Premiere Pro

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  1. JTroll's Avatar
    Your post was a Godsend - you have no idea how helpful this was! As someone well-versed in the Adobe Creative Suite but brand-new to Premiere and to video editing in general, I was tearing my hair out over the fact that it seemed to completely ignore the audio in my .mpg files imported from my new Sony HDD camera. You were the only source to give me the answer I was looking for (not only addressing the specific problem but offering a way to fix it) after hours of fiddling and searching.

    Again, thanks!
  2. Guest's Avatar
    Any solution for Mac users? Premiere Elements is only for Windows. Do you know what is the counterpart for the missing dll on MAc
  3. nagar's Avatar
    Possible Mac Counterpart: Transcode with MPEG_Streamclip. (Freeware, Google it).

    And if you cannot open the video file in QT, it's likely the issue with extensions. Just change the .mpg to .mpeg. Open it on QT. If you have QT Pro, you can transcode the video as long as you can open it on QT Pro.
  4. thedadster's Avatar
    Hi, just to say I am using Premiere Elements VERSION 4.0 and have been banging my head against the wall over this one. The audio would not play on clips from my Sony Hard Drive Camcorder. Until I found your simple solution, WHICH WORKS! You are a Gold Medal Winner!
  5. Guest's Avatar
    Muchas gracias

    Ha sido muy fácil solucionar el problema.

  6. Young Zae's Avatar
    This is a legit download. Just download it, open the containing folder, open a separate folder and find your Premier Pro folder in Program Files and drag the .dll into the Premier Pro folder along with the other extensions. Thanks man.
  7. Albert Siegel's Avatar
    This worked great! This saved me so many hours of converting. Thank you so much!
  8. Guest's Avatar
    Just that...
    Got that problem, and with a smart search on Google, found your solution.
  9. Guest's Avatar
    Amen, I agree with the other poster that said your a God send. Thanks for helping me solve this problem. For the expense of this program, you'd think Adobe would address this issue.
    Thanks again!
  10. Guest's Avatar
    Thanks a million.
  11. Sushi30's Avatar
    The second solution worked perfectly! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!
  12. Guest's Avatar
    Many thanks ... the add in library worked perfectly with Premiere Pro CS3 and got us out of a lot of trouble for an exam submission.

    Much appreciated.


  13. Guest's Avatar
    Works great!! and too easy to do
  14. Guest's Avatar
    Cheers, I don't usually work with MPG, but the client filmed all the footage with one of these harddrive cameras, so this has proved very helpful.
  15. BenD's Avatar
    Thank you so much good sir. I finally found a fix using the .dll file. Thanks a bunch, now I won't have to waste time importing and exporting.
  16. peterquixote's Avatar
    thanks dude,
    I have been trying to renovate dvd VOB files.
    I would save and then change the VOB file to Mpg, but of course Adobe premiere CS3
    would not allow the audio file.
    Put your fix in and she's away

    Without you help I would have had to go back to originla 1993 VHS tapes.
    fun not.
  17. OzJester's Avatar're a champ!!
    Like others above me, I had no clue why my clips from my Sony Handycam weren't playing their audio in Premier Pro.
    Quick download...move the file....LOVELY!!
    My fishing videos will now work!

    Thanks again.
  18. Guest's Avatar
    Sweeeeeeeeet :-)
  19. Guest's Avatar
    A HUGE Thank You Dave. You just saved me hours at a time when I'm on a very tight deadline. Your fix worked beautifully.
  20. MessyPenguin's Avatar
    Thank you so much its really helped me
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