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Premiere Pro, MPEG Files & Missing Audio

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Over the past couple of weeks I've been involved in a project that used a variety of camcorders, most of them Sony HDD (hard drive) camcorders that record in MPEG format. If you've ever tried to use these camcorders for editing, there's a fair chance you've discovered that the recording format isn't easy to work with. In particular, we struck the common problem that the MPEG files lose their audio when imported into Adobe Premiere Pro.

The reason for this is that Premiere Pro doesn't recognize the AC3 codec used for the audio. Why Adobe hasn't included AC3 support in Premiere Pro has been the subject of much debate and the source of much frustration, especially when the consumer-level Premiere Elements does support it.

In any case I thought it would be worthwhile sharing the solution because it's such a common problem. The solution is actually very easy and I've documented it here:
MPG/AC3 Files in Premiere Pro

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  1. Guest's Avatar
    Thank you very very very much. That was very helpfull.
  2. Guest's Avatar
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! You saved my life today.
  3. Guest's Avatar
    You are a star! Found your hint with a goole search and it works perfect! I can now start enjoying my new Sony Camcorder.
  4. Guest's Avatar
    thank you very much for sharing.
    very clear, well structured and useful.
  5. NotaWebGod's Avatar
    You, sir, are a genius. I thought I was app-aware until I came across this little poser. Your solution worked instantly and with no drama at all.

    Probably the most useful thing I can say is - If you are faced with this issue DO NOT waste your time tinkering and turning your file system into a train wreck, TRY THIS FIRST!
  6. Pam's Avatar
    I am so grateful for this post! I have searched the web for the .dll file [I didn't want to download Encore] to no avail. Thank you very much!
  7. Guest's Avatar
    God bless you Dave. Your post has been a great help and thanks to Google for making life so easy.
  8. Guest's Avatar
    thanks man
  9. Guest's Avatar
    Many thnx!! You saved my ass
  10. Guest's Avatar
    Wow. I've been all over the Adobe site and you just solved this problem in 2 seconds. Thanks so much for taking the time.
  11. Quiet's Avatar
    it's cool trick. Thanks a lot!!!
  12. Guest's Avatar
    Thank you so much! Very helpful and easy to understand. Thanks for taking the time to help others stuck in a jam!
  13. Guest's Avatar
    Thanks so much for the help with my 'silent' mpg files in Adobe Premier Pro - you wonder why Adobe don't do this anyway, especially since I have Adobe Encore and that has the dll with it.
  14. ThanksMate's Avatar
    Thanks mate. MUCH appreciated.
  15. Guest's Avatar
    Thanks Dave - nice and easy.
  16. steff's Avatar
    Yes, thanks, the ac3.dll import worked. transcoding, way too much work. cheers
  17. Guest's Avatar
    if only there were more people like you, making easy-to-understand fixes to problems such as these. thanks so much!

    you should work on curing cancer.
  18. Yulia's Avatar
    lots of link that I open, give me a confusing ways....
    and, you just write the solution in clear and simple sentences. And, your solution is works!!!
    Keep on writing...
    You'll help more people..
  19. BenBen's Avatar
    thanks so much!! you're a generous man for sharing this solution to everyone.. may you be blessed!
  20. Jenny (Guest)'s Avatar
    You totally saved me and my university project! I freaked out when PP3 didn't play audio... The files are from Canon Legria and I had no clue why it didn't recognize the audio of its .mpg files and recognized it in other .mpg. I thought that 2 weeks of hard work have gone to waste and your fix with the .dll was like a gift from God! Thank you so so much for sharing the fix!
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