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Samsung to ramp up OLED production

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Samsung SDI has announced its intention to spend US$529 million boosting production of OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) displays by mid-2009. The plan is to multiply production levels by six times.

There is a growing market for active-matrix (AM-OLED) displays, with advantages such as better quality, slimmer size and increased energy-efficiency over LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens.

Samsung seem to be enjoying their lead into the world of OLED. Their grammar may not be the best but their confidence is beyond question: "Samsung SDI is by far taking the initiative in OLED the mobile display for next-generation as well. We are going to dominate OLED market with our advanced technology along with the development of full-color AMOLED for IMT-2000 and the successful mass production of full-color OLED first time in the world."

If you're thinking about a new TV or monitor you might be tempted to wait for OLED technology to become more available (and maybe a bit more mature). If you aren't in a hurry that's not a bad idea. Don't stress though - the change from LCD to OLED is nothing like the change from traditional CRT TV/monitors to LCD. You can still buy an LDC without worrying too much about obsolescence - they will hold their own against OLEDs for a while yet.

On the other hand if you still have a gigantic CRT taking up half your living room, you might want to think about selling it while there are still people prepared to pay for such an ugly monster. Hurry - the second-hand price for these things is falling by the day.

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