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Cuil not so hot

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A new search engine by the name of cuil (pronounced "cool") has been developed and launched by a couple of ex-Google engineers with the explicit goal of challenging Google's dominance. Have a look and see what you think.

At first glance the results page is refreshingly different, being presented in a magazine style rather than list. Unfortunately what really matters are the results, and they aren't so flash. For example, a search for my name shows me at number 3 but a photo of me appears next to number 2 - the American baseball player of the same name! A search for my home town revealed similarly random mixups, with photos and graphics from the town's website scattered across results from other websites. The whole page is a terribly confusing mishmash of incorrect results which is, frankly, appalling.

Cuil's staff say the problems are related to the initial server load following launch, and the fact that some of their servers were taken offline under the strain. Hmmm, didn't they see that coming? Maybe they should google "how to deal with excess server loads".

Most teething problems can be forgiven but dishing up incorrect results is a devastating blow to cuil's credibility. The site looks nice and the idea is promising, but they will need to work hard to bounce back from this stuff-up.

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  1. Web Design Company's Avatar
    I tried testing Cuil but was not the least impressed...sorry if that sounds harsh.
  2. nagar's Avatar
    I am disappointed by it somewhat.. perhaps the bar that was set by Google needs something that is more 'radical'?
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