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Want your own video-sharing website?

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I have several upcoming projects that will require a video-sharing solution, i.e. making a website that functions like YouTube. Video sharing is becoming big business in the online publishing world so there must be lots of options, right?

Well, not so much as I'd hoped. After about a week's worth of preliminary investigation I've identified the four best ways to make your own video sharing website. I've also noted some of the ones you should stay well clear of. I'll be updating my review over the next few months but you can see what I've come up with so far here:

Reviewing the best video sharing scripts

Comments are definitely welcome - I could use all the help I can get on this one.

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  1. nagar's Avatar
    Thanks Dave. I have been tasked to look into web building, so I guess this will give me a bigger picture if I come to the part about video-sharing..
  2. Guest's Avatar
    i still don't think these are as good as youtube
  3. tradestead's Avatar
    Hey,thanks for your wisdom.Even though i think youtube is so good.
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