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Live Events via Hologram

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As reported at this morning, "a walking, talking image of Australian chat show host Rove McManus was beamed across the Tasman yesterday to appear live on stage at Auckland's Vector Arena." Telecommunications company TelstraClear is promoting the technology for both business and home use, although the latter is still several years way.

Is this also the future of larger-scale "live" appearances? With increasing concerns about the environmental impact of touring acts, might this be an attractive alternative? I can imagine a specialist venue, integrated with a standardized protocol for such events, used solely for the purpose of attending live gigs taking place on the other side of the world.

Pros: Cheap, efficient, green.
Cons: Not quite real (but still much better than current 2-D tele-gigs).

With two-way video-conferencing so the band can see and interact with the audience, I reckon this could become acceptably close to being "real".
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