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Adobe CS4 Preview

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In a nutshell, CS4 highlights include:

Premiere Pro: Native AVCHD support! Woohoo! Also "speech search" which allows you to transcribe audio and search for words in the video. Reports on how well this works vary - don't expect too much.

After Effects: Photoshop 3D layer import. New "Mocha" tracking application.

Encore: Firewire output for monitoring. Pop-up menu for Blu-ray support. Enhanced Flash output (automatically make a Flash version of a DVD).

Soundbooth: Multi-track support!

Photoshop: 3D painting and compositing tools. Enhanced motion graphics editing. Rotate canvas to any angle. Content-Aware Scaling (automatically recompose an image as you resize it). Sync visual effects to an audio track.

On Location: New interface (in line with other Adobe apps). Mac support.

Flash: New motion editor, similar to After Effects. New 3D tool.

It all looks quite nice, with some great new features. However I'm not exactly blown away by the feature list. There's a lot of tweaking and "enhancements" and not so many completely new features. I've pre-ordered the complete version and I'll be back to post a review once I get my hands on it.

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  1. nagar's Avatar
    Well, I've purchased CS3.3 not too long ago and CS4?! Man... it's killing me...

    One more addition: Camera Raw 5.0 on Photoshop. Supposed to have an improvement in processing speed.
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