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Dreaming in Monochrome

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Among the many mysteries of dreaming is the fact that some people dream in colour and some people dream in monochrome (black and white). Why is this? It's often reported that there's a correlation between vibrant personalities and vibrant dream-colours although I'm skeptical about that claim. Some people don't believe we dream in black and white at all; rather, there is simply the absence of any colour information (i.e. the colour is "unspecified").

Maybe the real answer is simply that we watch too much TV. Researchers have concluded that monochrome dreamers are more likely to be over 55 years of age and brought up watching black and white TV. My first reaction is again skepticism but maybe there is something in it.

Do you dream in B&W? Did you have a B&W TV when you were young?

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    I have been told that for the most part, yes everyone dreams in B&W but some "just before waking" somewhere in that state, where the brain begins to revive, we can dream in color and do some times.
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