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More holograms

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Back in September I blogged about a live hologram being broadcast from Australia to New Zealand. This week CNN introduced their own version which also looked very impressive. Check out the story here, which includes a link to a behind-the-scenes video.

I think the CNN team might be a little carried away with their own success in using phrases like "never-before-seen image" and "you've never seen anything like this on television". Technically they may be right - I'd only previously seen this technology on the Internet, but I'd be surprised if this was really the first time it had been shown on TV.

I find myself wondering if the "wow factor" will continue to outweigh the production cost. That's a lot of expense for a shot that doesn't actually provide much more content than a traditional two-way setup with one camera at each end. I guess time will tell.

I'm also not convinced by the blue halo. Apparently it was put there intentionally to avoid confusion but it spoiled the effect for me, especially after seeing the one in New Zealand that had no such artifact. If it really was done intentionally I think they need to scale it down a lot.

One last thing - as far as I can tell the CNN hologram is only designed to show up on a television screen. It doesn't actually appear in the studio itself (which is why there's a red laminate on the floor - so the presenter knows where to look). The Australia/New Zealand version beamed a hologram right on stage in front of a live audience. That's an important difference.

Whichever way you look at it though, it's impressive technology. I'm looking forward to it maturing.

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  1. Dave's Avatar
    New Zealand's TV3 responds to CNN's hologram with a somewhat less convincing effort . The interview is with the leaders of the Bill & Ben Party.

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