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Wedding Photo Gallery

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We've just started a new section for wedding photography which includes a gallery of examples intended to provide inspiration for budding photographers. If you've got any spectacular wedding photos you'd like to share, please let me know. I'm looking for imaginative, original photos that depart from the standard shots. Remember the point is to suggest new ideas and innovative approaches to wedding photography.

In return you'll get credit and a link to your website (if you want it of course).

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  1. ChrisHarding's Avatar
    Hi Dave

    What about budding videographers??? Most will have a short showreel to upload or link to???

  2. Dave's Avatar
  3. Guest's Avatar
    I have been trying for at least two hours to get information to flacracker78 to tell him/her to go to orphan to get a copy of the manual he/she is looking for. A mister M. Butkus has the site and he no longer lists that manual but it can be gotton by mailing a request to him at
    M. Butkus
    29 Lake Ave.
    Highbridge, NJ 08829-1701

    I really don"t understand why I would have to go through a lot of foolishness to help an individual who is just asking for some help. And if you can't reach the individual I guess they will just try to remain hopeful for another six or more months without their manual.
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